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Our range of products not only contain Standard Solutions but also specific custom built solutions for those special needs. Till date we have successfully designed & installed innumerable Special Purpose Machines (SPMs) for our esteemed clients. Some of them were developed for the first time in the world.

Our Equipments form the life line of Quality Assurance / R&D / Packaging Development departments of almost all sectors of the industry involved in the manufacture of Packaging or heavy users of Packaging & Packaging Materials.

Whatever the Application

We provide Testing Equipment specially designed to test Packaging Material as well as Formed Packages & ancillaries for the following :

    • Compression Strength
    • Crush Resistance
    • Creep Resistance
    • Burst Strength
    • Torque Force (opening / closing)
    • Tensile Strength
    • Elongation Percentage
    • Peel Strength
    • Seal Strength
    • Coefficient of Friction (slip)
    • Shear Strength (adhesion)
    • Tackiness (stick)
    • Food Texture Analysis
    • Drop
    • Impact Resistance
    • Vibration / Transport Worthiness
    • Print Quality (Scuff proofness)

Some of our esteemed customers

Why should you buy from PackTest ? (Unique Selling Proposition)
    • We do not try and sell rockets to a man who actually needs a car.
      • While others try to SELL what they MAKE, We try and MAKE what the customer NEEDS.
    • A product for every need.
      • We have the widest range of Products covering almost everything in Paper, Plastic, Packaging Material and Package Testing / Evaluation. We offer you a one stop solution 99.9% of the times.
    • A product for every budget.
      • From the basic Analog Models to the most sophisticated computerized models, we have it all. Give us your application and give us a budget, we have a solution ready for you.
    • We know what we do and we are ready to share the knowledge.
      • Our strength lies in our Technical Knowhow and backup. We have indepth knowledge of the products that we manufacture and the applications they serve.

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