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Corrugated Testing Instruments

Corrugated Boards and boxes are the best means of packaging that offers best level of safety to the products at the time of warehousing, storage and transportation until the products reaches the hands of end customers. With the extensive usage of corrugated boxes in different production verticals, it is the prime responsibility of the manufacturers in Corrugated Boxes manufacturing industries to test the quality of the produced goods. To assure the quality of the end products, manufacturers need to make use of high-quality of corrugated boards testing instruments to assure the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the products.

Presto Stantest, one of the prominent manufacturers of testing machines offers a wide assortment of corrugated sheets testing machines. The instruments are designed as per the standard test methods that are introduced by various standardization authorities such as ASTM, ISO, BIS and many more. The range of testing devices that Presto offers for corrugated products manufacturing industries includes Box compression tester, bursting strength tester, cobb sizing tester, edge crush tester, dart impact tester, and so forth. To know in detail about the machines, contact our technocrats.

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