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Adhesive Label Testing Instruments

Adhesive labels are the small piece of paper that is designed with an adhesive on one side of the material in order to affix another piece of paper on it. This type of formation is usually seen on the back of the labels. The most familiar and common type of adhesive label is Postage Stamp. The concept was adopted by many applications in different areas such as in stationary stickers, revenue stamps, saving stamps, and general makers with postage stamp gums. This combination of paper and adhesive is further separated by following the process of perforation.

With the wide usage of adhesive labels in different production verticals, it is the prime responsibility of the manufacturers to make use of high-quality of adhesive material and paper to produce the best sticking and pasting materials. The quality of these materials can be determined by analyzing the strength and properties of these materials. The properties of strength of these materials can be determined by using high-quality testing machines that are manufactured by reputed manufacturers.
Presto Stantest, one of the renowned manufacturer and supplier of testing machines, offers high-quality of testing machines that are designed as per the methods that are introduced by various standardization authorities which ensure that the machines offer highly accurate and precise test results.

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