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Coating Testing Instruments

Coating is the coverings or a protective shield that is applied on the surface of any object or substrate. The coating is applied on the materials to provide a protective layer to the materials and to make the material decorative and functional for a long period of time. The coating can be done in two forms either on entire material or on some part of a substrate. Some of the examples of coatings are automotive components, drink bottles with one side coating, packaging products and much more.
The coating is also done in the form of images and words on the materials to give information regarding the product to the customers. Different paints are used in different industries as the best medium of coating in order to protect the substrate in a decorative manner in order to prevent them from different temperature, environmental conditions, and corrosion.
With the wide usage of coatings in different industries, manufacturers make use of coating testing instruments to ensure the durability of the coatings to ensure the long working life of the products.

Presto Stantest offers a wide range of Coatings Testing Instruments to the manufacturers in different industries. These instruments are designed keeping in mind the norms and methods that are provided by various standardization authorities. The instruments offer highly accurate and precise test results.

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