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Bottle / Jar Compression Tester

Bottle / Jar Compression Tester

Rigid Packaging such as Plastic Bottles (or Jars) are named so because they have remain erect and presentable. Poor distribution in material across the walls of the plastic bottles defines the rigidity of the bottle at that particular weight.

The bottles may or may not be expected to take stacking loads if placed in corrugated cartons. But bottles will need to take stacking loads if packed in Shrink-wrapped Trays or Bundles and in this case their Top Load carrying capacity (or compression strength) should be much higher.

Applicable to : Plastic Bottles / Jars. Can also be used on paperboard cartons, cups, trays, cans etc


Bottle / Jar Compression Tester

Computerised Delux Model with Variable Test Speed

Suitable to evaluate the Load Bearing Capability of

  • Small Cartons (Duplex board / E-Flute)
  • PET Bottles
  • Confectionary Jars.
  • HDPE pails
  • HDPE bottles and jars

Automatic Digital Model with Backlit LCD Display.

With Digital Compression Counter. L.C. 0.1 mm

With Embedded Push Buttons on control panel.

Peak hold facility for registration of maximum reading.


Variable Travel Speed : 10 – 100 mm/min.

Normal Test Speed = 12.5 ± 2.5mm/min (Programmable)

and Jog (Idle) speed = 50 mm/min.

Faster and Versatile Testing


With Auto Calibration Facility at 20 Kg.

( Cast Iron Weights of 20 Kgs to be provided by you )


Features of Fully Automatic Model  :

Full Controls via computer.

With Computer Uplink Facility for Data Processing

Test Report Printing Facility  (Load vs. Deflection graph)

( Includes Software and Linking Hardware. PC & Printer to be provided by you. )


Model # M100D-S-DX         

Capacity : 100 Kgf.

Least Count / Resolution: 50 grams.


Model # M200D-S-DX   

Capacity : 200 Kgf.

Least Count / Resolution: 50 grams.


Base Platform size : 200 x 150 mm

Expansion Base Plate is available (for 250x250mm size base)

Expansion Top Plate is available (for 250x250mm size top) 

Maximum Testable sample Size :               

200 x 150 mm using base plate

250 x 250 mm using expansion plate


Maximum Testable sample height :            300 mm


Machine Type : 

  • Table Top Model with Machine Stroke : 150 mm 

Spacers : 3 spacers will be provided as per bottle / jar samples for Table Top model with short stroke.

  • Floor Standing Model with Machine Stroke : 300 mm 

No Spacers are required for this model.



Utilities Required :

  • Power : 110/230 Volts A.C., 60/50 Hz. Clean power.
  • Calibration weights : 10 Kg / 20 Kg
  • Desktop PC or Laptop PC

Processor Type :   Pentium Core I3 or better.                  (Preferably Core I5 or Higher)

Memory :              4 GB RAM or better

Space :                  50 GB free HDD space           (minimum)

Monitor :               17” or Larger Color Monitor with 1280 x 1024 resolution or better

Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium or higher (with latest updates & patches)

Supporting Software :

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (Latest Version).
  • Microsoft Dot Net Framework (Latest Version)

Communication :  9-Pin (DB9) Serial Port (RS-232)     REQUIRED

Printer :                 Laser or Inkjet Printer.            (No Dot-matrix support)


IQOQ Documentation Set available for Pharmaceutical companies

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