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Bursting Strength Tester for Paper & Corrugated Board

Summary :

One of the most common test methods of the packaging industry in India is the Bursting Strength Test. The bursting strength of combined board is primarily an indication of the character of the materials used in manufacturing a fiberboard box and has value in this respect. There is a general misconception that a higher BS means a better carton.

Unfortunately this is a “Material Test” only and doesnot in any way guarantee the performance of the shipper carton formed out of such material. You can have a lower BS corrugated carton having a better compression strength than a high BS carton.

International standard specify that Triple-wall corrugated board (7 Ply) cannot be tested suitably by the bursting method. Testing of double-wall board (5 Ply) is of questionable accuracy since it is rarely possible to get sufficiently simultaneous bursts of the multiple facings.

The test is simple and rapid to execute, but it must be recognized that it is subject to serious errors if instrument, diaphragm, and gauges are not properly maintained or if improper procedures are used.


Test Method :

The test specimen is clamped in a BS Tester and gradually increasing hydrostatic pressure is applied perpendicular to the face of the sample through a rubber diaphragm till the sample cannot bear the pressure and bursts. The peak burst pressure is recorded as the Bursting Strength.

Tech Specs

Bursting Strength Tester.                    Model # 3125DM

Standard Digital Model

2-in-1 Motorized, Desktop, Digital model.

With Backlit LCD Display.

With manual clamping of sample using hand wheel clamp.

Microprocessor based model Logical Detection of Sample Failure

With Auto-Stop & Auto-Return on Sample Failure

Pacmachine 94’ Award winner.

Suitable for :

  • Paper (up to 0.6 mm Thickness),
  • Kraft Board and Corrugated Board.

Confirming to TAPPI Standards (T–403, 807 & 810).

2 Independent test heads for Paper and Paper Board + Corrugated Board


Range :                        0 – 25 Kg/cm2.

Least Count :               0.01 Kg/cm2



  • Spare Diaphragms (Consumable)
  • C-Spanner (to open the diaphragm clamp nut)
  • 4-20 mA MACS Calibrator (Milli-Ampere Calibration Source / Current Loop Calibrator) For use with the above BS Tester.


Other Models also available : 

Auto-Clamping Models

  • 3125DA

Printer Port Models

  • 3125DMP / 3125DAP

Computerised Models

  • 3125DMDX / 3125DADX

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