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COBB Tester

COBB Tester (Water Absorption Test)

An equipment to determine the water absorption property of paper, paper board and corrugated fibreboard.


  • A new currency note has a very low COBB Value. i.e. Even if you dip it in water, it will absorb very less water.
  • A newsprint paper on the other hand has a very high COBB Value. i.e. it will absorb water very quickly.
    notes : To be used with a Digital Balance of 0.01g accuracy (not included)

Salient Features

World’s cheapest and best COBB Tester.
Our COBB Tester has a special no-spill design.
Normal COBB Testers have to be used near a washbasin or sink. But our COBB Tester gives you the flexibility to test on an Executive’s Desk without the fear of spilling any water and spoiling the surroundings. Over the years, you will realise the convenience of this feature as it is very annoying to lift and carry the 8 – 10 Kg machine to the wash basin every time you want to test. Moreover you may not even have a washbasin in the QC Lab, hence making the job even more inconvenient and time consuming.

Types of Test

  • 60 / 120 Seconds COBB Test for Paper
  • 30 Minute COBB Test for Waterproof Paper / Board

Cobb Index : ( 60 / 120 Second Test ) : Is the grams of water absorbed by 1 Sq. Mtr paper surface during flooded contact with 1 cm (0.4 inch) water column for 60 or 120 seconds.

Cobb Index : ( 30 Minute Test ) : Is the grams of water absorbed by 1 Sq. Mtr waterproof paper / board surface during flooded contact with 2.5 cm (1.0 inch) water column for 30 minutes.

Technical Specifications

  • Test Area : 100 cm2
  • With measuring cylinder for pouring 100 ml water.
  • Special ‘PackTest’ design (no water – spillage).
  • User friendly tilting device.
  • With Non-Corrosive couch roll of 10 Kg.

Material of Construction

  • Machine body : Mild Steel
  • Body Finish : Automotive Grade Paint / Powder Coated
  • Couch Roll (10 Kg) :¬†Mild Steel with Paint / Powder Coated.
  • Water retention chamber : Plastic
  • Water measuring cylinder : Plastic
  • Water dispensing dish : Stainless Steel

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