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GSM Indicator Kit

An equipment to accurately measure the basis weight (mass) of any substrate to display the reading directly in GSM with high accuracy.

Suitable for Paper / Board / Film / Laminate / Aluminum Foils, etc.
Background / Principle :

The weight (in grams) of a substrate of 1 sq. Mtr area is its GSM (Grams per Sq. Mtr) Hence, the simplest method of GSM measurement is to cut a square piece of 1 meter x 1 meter and take its actual weight.

However, many times it is neither possible nor feasible to prepare and weigh such a large sample size. Hence the second best method of GSM measurement is to weigh a smaller sample (of known area) and multiply the reading by a suitable factor to give you the GSM.

Hence a GSM Indicator is a combination of a Stainless Steel Template (of known / size area) and an accurate weighing instrument (digital balance)

Specifications / Features

    Economy Model : (LX)

  • Range 0 – 2000 GSM
  • For use with 25 x 20cm Template.
  • Accuracy 2 gsm. (Calculation Required).


Standard Model : (SX)

  • Range 0 – 2000 GSM
  • For use with 10 x 10cm Template
  • Accuracy 1 gsm. Direct GSM
  • With Auto-calibration facility.
  • Dual Power Mode (Battery and AC Adapter)
  • With Optional Winddhield (Acrylic Box with sliding door)
  • Bullion Weight Provided for On-Site, Instant Calibration.

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