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Ink Rub Tester (Sutherland Type)

Ink Rub Tester (Sutherland Type)

Abrasion resistance is a desirable and sometimes critical property of printed materials. Abrasion damage can occur during shipment, storage, handling and end-use. The result is a significant decrease in product appearance and legibility of product information. The amount of abrasion damage to a printed surface is dependent shipping conditions, possible temperature and humidity, time and many other variables.

Principle :

In this machine, 2 samples of the same substrate (or different substrates) are rubbed against each other in the same plane (in linear direction), under a fixed pressure (user-variable) and at a fixed speed (user-variable).

The number of rubs are recorded using a non-contact type digital counter.


  • This machine works as a great comparator of the variations in print quality between various batches or various suppliers
  • Higher Rub Resistance = better print quality.
  • Lower Rub Resistance = poor print quality.

Design specifics

    • Simple / Maintenance-free design.
    • Very Low power consumption.
    • Compact but Sturdy Design.
    • Very Low Noise Level.
    • User – Friendly Electronic Controls.
    • Non – Contact Type Sensor for Rub Counter.

Models available

  • Model # QX 4 Speeds of rubbing (user-selectable) : 21, 42, 85 and 106 CPM

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