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Paper Cone Collapsing Strength Tester

Paper Cones are generally used as yarn carriers.

The collapsing force, which the carriers are capable of resisting, is dependent upon the following factors:

  • Quality and Quantity of paper
  • Quality and Quantity of adhesive
  • Manufacturing process
  • Moisture content in the carrier
  • Physical size and dimensions

It is very difficult for a user to know all the above factors and their influence on the strength of the paper cone. It is equally difficult for a manufacturer to know the effect of each variable quantitatively.

But it is very easy for both the user and manufacturer to differentiate between good and bad and adopt a suitable standard of monitoring the quality of the paper cone.

Collapsing strength tester is designed in such a manner that gradually increasing force is generated & applied on the surface of the paper cones. The sharp collapsing point can be easily detected with the help of a Loadcell and Microprocessor based digital indicator.

Since this machine directly measure the collapsing force, no calculations are required and hence, the readings are direct and most accurate.



Cone Collapsing Strength Tester.

Standard Digital Model.      

Suitable for Radial Crush Test on Paper Cones

Digital Model with Backlit LCD Display for easy readability.

Direct Display of Load / Collapsing Force. No Calculations Required.

Auto-stop upon completion of Test.

Electro pneumatic system with Embedded push buttons on Indicator panel.


Models Available :

Model # P300D 

  • Capacity : 300 Kgf at 6 Kg/cm2.    
  • Least Count : 0.1 Kgf
  • Accuracy : 0.2% of Full Scale.

Pacmachine 92’ Award winner.

With Auto-Calibration facility using standard Cast Iron Weights.

Testing Adopters available for :

  • 3-30 Paper Cones
  • 5-57 Paper Cones
  • 4-20 Paper Cones
  • Jumbo Cones
  • Speciality Cones

Note :

  • Computerised Models (P300D-DX) also available.


Utilities Required (To be supplied by the buyer) :

  • Power Supply : 110/230 Volts AC at 60/50 Hz. (Fluctuation Free Power required)
  • Compressed Air supply at 5 – 6 kg/cm2 (Rust, Dirt and Moisture Free Supply)
  • 30 Kg Cast Iron Weights

(In any combination. Preferably, 20+20+10 kg or 20 kg x 5 nos)

These weights are required for calibration at the time of installation and then every 6-months for routine calibrations.

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