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Paper Core Collapsing Strength Tester

Paper tubes and bobbins are used as yarn carriers while paper cores are generally used for paper & plastic film reels.

The collapsing force, which the carriers are capable of resisting, is dependent upon the following factors:

  • Quality and Quantity of paper
  • Quality and Quantity of adhesive
  • Manufacturing process
  • Moisture content in the carrier
  • Physical size and dimensions

It is very difficult for a user to know all the above factors and their influence on the strength of the carrier. It is equally difficult for a manufacturer to know the effect of each variable quantitatively.

But it is very easy for both the user and manufacturer to differentiate between good and bad and adopt a suitable standard of monitoring the quality of the carrier.

Collapsing strength tester is designed in such a manner that gradually increasing force is generated & applied on the surface of the carriers. The sharp collapsing point can be easily detected with the help of a Loadcell and Microprocessor based digital indicator.

Since this machine directly measure the collapsing force, no calculations are required and hence, the readings are direct and most accurate.

For Paper Tubes / Cores used as Winding Medium / Carrier, Radial Crush Test is performed.

For Paper Tubes / Cores used as Packing Material, Flat Crush Test and Vertical Crush Test can be performed.


Core Collapsing Strength Tester.

Standard Digital Model.      

Standard Size for Tubes and Cores upto 185/186 mm OD.

Suitable for Radial Crush Test & Flat Crush Test on Paper Tubes / Cores

Digital Model with Backlit LCD Display for easy readability.

Direct Display of Load / Collapsing Force. No Calculations Required.

Auto-stop upon completion of Test.

Electro pneumatic system with Embedded push buttons on Indicator panel.


Models Available :

Model # P500D 

  • Capacity : 500 Kgf at 6 Kg/cm2.    
  • Least Count : 0.5 Kgf
  • Accuracy : 0.2% of Full Scale.

Model # P1000D                   

  • Capacity : 1000 Kgf at 6 Kg/cm2.    
  • Least Count : 1 Kgf
  • Accuracy : 0.2% of Full Scale

Model # P2000D

  • Capacity : 2000 Kgf at 6 Kg/cm2.    
  • Least Count : 2 Kgf
  • Accuracy : 0.2% of Full Scale.

Pacmachine 92’ Award winner.

With Auto-Calibration facility using standard Cast Iron Weights.

Testing Adopters available for :

  • Compression Test of EdgeBoard / CornerBoard
  • Flat Crush Test Adopter (common for all OD sizes)
  • Radial Crush Adopter for DTY / POY Tubes and Paper Cores


Note :

  • Large Size Models (P500/1000/2000D-XL) suitable for cores upto 335mm also available.
  • Computerised Models (P 500/1000/2000 D-DX) also available.


Utilities Required (To be supplied by the buyer) :

  • Power Supply : 110/230 Volts AC at 60/50 Hz. (Fluctuation Free Power required)
  • Compressed Air supply at 5 – 6 kg/cm2 (Rust, Dirt and Moisture Free Supply)
  • 50 / 100 Kg Cast Iron Weights

(In any combination. Preferably, 20+20+10 kg or 20 kg x 5 nos)

These weights are required for calibration at the time of installation and then every 6-months for routine calibrations.


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