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Pinhole Tester

  • Pin Hole Tester
  • An apparatus to help identify the pinholes present in Aluminum Foils, Metalized Films, Opaque Laminates,


  • Table Top model.
  • Consist of a Self-Illuminated Chamber with Glass Top, Hood and Digital Counter.

Special Feature

  • he hood over the glass top is in slanted position and inhibits external light from falling on the sample. This enables the user to identify the pinholes with least
    stress on his / her eyes.
  • The Digital Event Counter has an LCD Display with an inbuilt battery. The expected life span of the battery is almost 7-8 years.
  • A Roll arrangement with handle is provided on right side to enable easy motion of the sample over the glass
  • Power : 230 Volts AC. Max 250 Watts.

Procedure of operation


  • Lift the Hood. A stopper at the back will support the Hood in standing position.
  • Slide the film sample on the glass surface.
  • Let it pass through the roller guide at the right hand side of the machine.
  • Lower the Hood onto the machine frame.
  • Press the RESET switch for the Digital Event Counter.
  • Switch on the Power button. The Hi-Intensity lamps inside the chamber will glow.
  • Count the number of visible pinholes (You will see light coming out of the pinholes)
  • For every pinhole, press the COUNT button once. This will increase the counts on the Digital Counter.
  • Circle the pinholes with a marker, if further analysis is required.
  • Slide the film again and repeat the pinhole counting for 1 metre length.
  • Report as No. of Pin Holes per Meter length.

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