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Stiffness Tester (Taber Type)

A physical characteristic of paperboard which differentiates it from paper is its greater flexural rigidity,
commonly called stiffness.

For most of its uses, the economic value of paperboard depends upon its bending resistance (stiffness), and
because this property is closely related to the amount of fiber in the board and hence to its cost, a quantitative measurement is of considerable interest to both producer and user.

Bending resistance (stiffness) of paper relates to a number of end use applications, including wrapping, printing, etc


Stiffness Tester

Taber® Type Stiffness Tester

Confirms to TAPPI T-489

Suitable for Paper / Paperboard Stiffness Measurement using Taber method.

Digital Model                         Model # ST-5D-S

With Hybrid Stepper Motor and Drive for ultra-smooth, noise-free operation.

Capacity : 5000 gcm ( 1 gcm = 1 Taber Unit )

Resolution : 5 gcm

Accuracy : ± 5 gcm

Test Speed : 210° ± 20° per min.

2 Line, Backlit LCD display.

Embedded Push Button Control on panel.

Automatic Test Cycle.

(Upon pressing Start, the Stiffness Tester will record the 15° Stiffness on Left Side and then 15° Stiffness on Right Side and come back to center parking position).

Results Shown : Left Stiffness, Right Stiffness and Average Stiffness.

No Human Error.

With Auto-Calibration Facility using Physical Weights.

Calibration kit and weights will be provided with the machine.


Includes Stainless Steel Templates for sample cutting.


Utilities Required (To be supplied by the buyer) :

  • Power Supply : 110/230 Volts AC at 60/50 Hz. (Fluctuation Free Power required)


IQOQ Documentation Set available for Pharmaceutical companies.

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