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Rolling Ball Tack Tester

Rolling Ball Tack Tester
This is an instrument to test the tackiness of pressure sensitive adhesive coated on the film, tape or P.S. Label stock.



A steel ball is allowed to be rolled down from a specific starting point on the grooved path inclined at a specific angle to the base of the test platform. The pressure sensitive tape is affixed (tacky side up) just beneath the end of the inclined grooved path of the platform. The rolling ball attains maximum velocity at touch down, and rolls above the tacky surface which retards its motion by virtue of resistance offered by the adhesive till it stops the ball. The shorter the distance traveled the higher is the tackiness of the adhesive coating.

Salient Features


  • User friendly ball retaining and releasing mechanism
  • Easy to position sample-locating-strip
  • Spirit level (3 Axis) for leveling the instrument in all directions
  • Ball catch section with catch pit for run-away balls (for very poor tack samples).
  • User friendly reading system

Interpretation of Quality

The measurement is in “mm” of distance from touch-down point on the sample.
The scale is divided in 3 zones.

  • 0 – 100 mm is High Tack Zone.
  • 100 – 200 mm is Medium Tack Zone.
  • 200 – 300 mm is Low Tack Zone.

Based on your application, you need to find the optimum level of Tackiness desired.

Example : For BOPP Packing Tapes, the ideal tackiness level is seen at 100 – 150 mm If the tackiness reading is greater than 150 mm (tack is Low), then the Tape will not attach to the carton surface properly or will peel of easily.

If the tackiness reading is less than 100 mm (tack is High), then the Tape will attach to the carton surface, but may slip due to excess adhesive coating.

On the other hand, Adhesive Medical Tapes will need higher Tack and they serve a very different application.

You can also use this equipment as a comparator to compare 2 different types of tapes or 2 different suppliers.


This equipment is useful to :

  • Adhesive Manufacturers : who can adjust the chemical composition of various inputs to produce consistent quality tack of P. S. Adhesive tape.
  • P. S. Tape, Label stock manufacturers : who can adjust the final coating paste quality by varying the concentrations of additives to achieve consistency of tackiness in various lots. Thus avoiding rejections at user’s level.

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