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Tape Shear Tester (BOPP / Packing Tapes)

BOPP Tapes are generally used as “Packing Tapes” to close the flaps of Corrugated Cartons.

  • The carton flaps have a spring-tendency. i.e. they try to open up.
  • If the quality (adhesive’s power to hold the flaps under shear stress) is not good, your cartons will reach their destination in open condition and this can lead to product pilferage, contamination, etc.
  • The BOPP Tape Shear Tester is an equipment to determine the resistance to shear of tape under constant load. It is measured in terms time in minutes for the tape to get disengaged from the holding surface under specified test load.
  • It consists of a single or multi-station rack or jig to hold the test panel with the sample. The specified weights are then hung on the sample.
  • Digital Timers are then activated to start counting. The platform below the hanging weights is fitted with actuators. As soon as the tape fails and the weight falls on the platform, the Timers freeze the data.
  • The user can come back to the machine at anytime and record this reading.
  • The machine doesnot need external power supply and the electronic timers have an LCD display (low power consumption) and an inbuilt battery (with a rated life span of approx 5 years). Hence you don’t have to worry about power failures or keeping the power ON if the test continues beyond office hours.

Significance of test to consumers and manufactures

Consumers – The quality of tape can be judged by the shear holding power of the tape. It is no more a guesswork but a quantifiable and scientific means of measuring performance characteristics. You can know whether you are getting the worth of money spent and assure that the packed products reach their destination intact. You can compare between 2 suppliers to see whose material will perform better.

Manufacturers – By knowing the shear holding power of tape, you can improve over the present performance by improved formulation adhesive and optimize the cost versus quality.

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