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Torque Tester for Child Resistance Closures (CRC)

Model No. - # M50

Closure Torque Tester

This is an instrument designed to test :
1) Opening Torque of Screwed Closures.
2) Breaking strength of Pilfer-proof ROPP caps.

Salient features

1) Good gripping power.

2) Peak Hold Facility for freezing of Max. Reading.

3) A Dead Weight type Calibration System provided on the equipment.

4) Auto-Calibration facility.

5) Multiple Measuring Units : Kgcm, Lbin, NM. (User Settable).


50 Kgcm with Least count of 0.01 Kgcm

Benefits to the industry

On Automatic Production line involving Auto-Capping operation, this Equipment will help to set the machine for the Optimum Closing and Subsequent Opening Torque.

This will also help in designing the suitable Thread Profile of Plastic Caps for Plastic Bottles as well as for Glass Bottles.

The Opening Torque for Closures is a prime requirement from the User‘s point of view.

Extra High Torque means extra effort by the consumer to open a bottle / jar.

Extra Low Torque means – loose caps. Causing spillage and leakage due to transit vibrations.

Every product has to be designed with an Optimum Torque Value taking into consideration its end use. This Optimum Torque Value will lead to an Optimum Closing Torque which needs to be adjusted on your bottling machine to give consistent performance of your package.

Emphasis on the Torque Values during Design & Development stages can easily predict Market Acceptability and Performance of your package.

A new Torque Tester (Model # ML50) has been developed which measures not only the Torque, but also the Top Load coming on the bottle while opening and closing it.


Permits testing of Security Caps / Push-and-Twist Caps / Child-Resistant-Closures where you need to measure the Top Load force also.
Even in Regular Caps, it enables the user to perform the Torque Test in a more reproducible manner by maintaining similar toploads while applying Opening / Closing action to multiple bottles. Thereby reducing operator inconsistencies.

Note : Fully Automatic, Motorised Models and Computerised Models also available for high-end applications.

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