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Test Techno Consultants is India's Leading & Largest manufacturer & exporter of Quality Testing Equipment for the Paper, Plastic and Packaging Industry.


We offer the world's widest range of Compression Testers, Tensile Tester, Torque Testers, Burst Testers and many other Material Testing Equipment for Paper, Plastic and converted products used in Packaging.

Whatever the Industry
Our Equipments form the life line of Quality Assurance / R&D / Packaging Development departments of almost all sectors of the industry involved in the manufacture of Packaging or heavy users of Packaging & Packaging Materials.
Specialty Equipment Solutions

Our range of products not only contain Standard Solutions but also specific custom built solutions for those special needs. Till date we have successfully designed & installed innumerable Special Purpose Machines (SPMs) for our esteemed clients. Some of them were developed for the first time in the world.


We already have the Technical Expertise, Experience, Skilled Manpower and Necessary Infrastructure required to develop such equipments for you.





Packtest Products GSM Indicator

GSM Indicator / Substance Indicator

An equipment to accurately measure the basis weight (mass) of any substrate to display the reading directly in GSM with high accuracy.

Suitable for Paper / Board / Film / Laminate / Aluminum Foils, etc.


Background / Principle :

The weight (in grams) of a substrate of 1 sq. Mtr area is its GSM (Grams per Sq. Mtr) Hence, the simplest method of GSM measurement is to cut a square piece of 1 meter x 1 meter and take its actual weight.


However, many times it is neither possible nor feasible to prepare and weigh such a large sample size. Hence the second best method of GSM measurement is to weigh a smaller sample (of known area) and multiply the reading by a suitable factor to give you the GSM.


Hence a GSM Indicator is a combination of a Stainless Steel Template (of known / size area) and an accurate weighing instrument (digital balance)


Specifications / Features :

Economy Model : (LX)

  • Range 0 - 2000 GSM
  • For use with 25 x 20cm Template.
  • Accuracy 2 gsm. (Calculation Required).


Standard Model : (SX) - Model Discontinued


Deluxe Model : (DX)

  • Range 0 - 1000 GSM
  • For use with 10 x 10cm Template
  • Accuracy 1 gsm. Direct GSM
  • With Auto-calibration facility.
  • Dual Power Mode (Battery and AC Adapter)
  • With protective casing for safe storage.
  • Bullion Weight Provided for On-Site, Instant Calibration.


Multimode Model : (MX)

  • Range 0 - 1000 GSM
  • For use with 10 x 10cm Template or 20 x 25 cm Template
  • Template Mode selection from Menu
  • Accuracy 1 gsm.
  • Direct GSM Readout. NO CALCULATIONS
  • With 2 Line, Backlit LCD Display
  • With multiple units of measurement g/m2 or lb/ft2 or oz/ft2
  • With Auto-calibration facility.
  • With AC power adapter.
  • Bullion Weight Provided for On-Site, Instant Calibration.
  • Other Template sizes also available (optional) : 10 x 5, 10 x 10, 10 x 20, etc.


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